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TRACKmyPlants is a site where you can monitor your plants and record your growing results.

By keeping track of your growing cycles and sharing growing experiences with other users, you can make informed decisions about how to grow more productive crops!


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"How did I survive with paper logs?!?! I just recorded today's seeding of 1200 seeds, transplant of 280 plants, and harvest of 400 plants with a click of the mouse."

"Thank you for your website work. It's absolutely revolutionary."

  • LettuceInformation! Track all your growing history and compare your results with others.
  • Plant History Plant Quantities-View charts that show events that were recorded for each plant.
  • Plant Plant-Start individual plants or keep track of them in groups. You will also know what is located in each of your grow beds.
  • MoveMove-As they grow, you can move your plants from one area to another, keeping a detailed history of where they are.
  • Move Harvest-Record your harvest so you know how much and how long it takes to grow.
  • MyPlantList My Plant List-Quickly view a list of all your plants and determine which ones should be harvested and where they are.
  • Plant History Planting History-View charts that show the quantity of plants over time.
  • Plant WikiPlant Wiki-Search our database for various varieties. Share your growing experiences with others that grow the same variety or species.
  • Plant WikiMedia Wiki-Provides useful information on all types of growing media. See how other growers rate and comment on how they use it.

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