Microsoft Office Tips
Excel Date
Excel sheet Move
Excel sheet copy
F1 Help
PowerPoint Slide Size
Logging into Office 365 Web mail
Shortcut key to open a program
Save Word Document to PDF
Print Area in Excel
Creating Hyperlinks
CTRL-Home and CTRL-End
Keeping Duplicates in Excel
Removing duplicates in Excel
New Theme in Office 2016
Hide/unhide ribbon
Move through tabs in an Excel spreadsheet
(CTRL + PgUP or PgDn)
Shortcut for Copy and Paste (CTRL + C/X/V)
Shortcuts for BOLD, Italics and Underlines
CTRL-Z to Undo
Paintbrush to format fonts (Microsoft WORD)
CTRL + A to select ALL
Opening RECENT files in Excel or Word
CTRL + N to open a NEW document
Typing symbols using the Character Map
CTRL + S to save
How to change your default fonts in Excel, Word or Outlook
Jumping around in Word using CTRL + left or right arrows
Highlighting in Word using CTRL + Shift + Arrow
Highlighting part of your text in Word
CTRL + Arrow Shortcuts in Word
Fixing the Excel 2103 Lag
Adjusting the cursor animation in Office 2013
Using Powerpoint 2013 with a Projector
Splitting your window in Excel 2013
Customizing your Quick Access Toolbar
ALT + F4 to close a window
Using AutoFill in Excel
CTRL + Left click to Drag and Drop in Word
CTRL + Left click to copy a file
How to create a drop down list in Excel
Fix document with different fonts and formats
Hyperlinks in Office 2016
Outlook Tips
Auto-Pick for Calendar
More Phishing Tips
Delay Sent Message
Phishing Emails
HTML and Plain Text Emails
Group Emails
CTRL + F (for FIND or FORWARD in Outlook)
Creating a footer in Outlook
Outlook Junk Mail
Changing your Outlook View
Delay Email Delivery
Changing the look of your Outlook navigation bar
Checking your Outlook Junk Mail in Office 365
Setting up Call Bridges in Outlook
Adding Room and Bridge Calendars in Outlook
Booking the Main Conference and Training Rooms
Mark Outlook Emails as Read or Unread
Out of Office Assistant in Outlook 2013
Out of Office Assistant in the Outlooki Web Portal
How to check your Quarantine Folder
Outlook Clutter Folder
How to update the image in your Signature
Skype for Business chatting
Outlook Shortcuts
Booking Conference Rooms
Meeting Scheduler in Outlook
Voting Buttons in Outlook
General Windows Tips
Iwaki Japan & Skype for Business
Suppress sponsor with java updates
YouTube Tip
Launching Task Manager
Taskbar Move, Hide and Lock
Creating Shortcuts
Opening links on websites
CTRL-Enter in browser address bar
Click, scroll wheel on mouse
Full screen browser
Force all your open windows to be minimized (Win-M)
Windows 7 Desktop Shortcut
Taskbar Shortcut to Desktop
Windows Updates
Snipping Tool
Capture menus using the Snipping Tool
Moving your taskbar
Windows + L to lock your computer
Color Printing
Arranging Windows using SNAP
Adjusting your screen magnification
Adjusting your screen orientation
Using CTRL + Mouse wheel
Automatically Open programs on Startup
Setting up ONE DRIVE
Corrupt Printer Driver
Computer Dust
Locating your Mouse Cursor
Mapping Network Drives vs Favorites
Windows 7 Magnifier
Adjusting Desktop Icon Size
Turn on Clear Type for sharper text
ALT + ESC to navigate desktop windows
Symantec Updates
Internet Explorer/Chrome
Webpage Magnification
Chrome Favorites
Shortcut for Address bar (IE)
Tabbed browsing to view several websites
Default Internet Explorer Landing page or pages
Creating a shortcut link to a website
Internet Explorer Favorites Bar
Safe Internet Searches
Prevent Malware with Safe Online Behavior
Internet Explorer Pop-Up Blocker
ALT + Arrow for Internet searching
Reopening a closed IE window
Duplicating a tab
WISE from Home
How to add Shortcuts in WISE
Block unwanted calls
Phone Instructions
Checking your voicemail from outside the office
Temporary Phone Greeting
Dialing Long Phone numbers
How to Park and Pick up calls
How to setup a Conference Call
Setting up Voicemail to Email